When A Virus Gets You Down

Sometimes, no matter how often you wash your hands, or how many multivitamins you take, a cold gets you down. Being that my job-job is a Nurse Practitioner and people come to me to make them better, I know I'm exposed to more sickness than the average person. I'm always cautious. But I'm stricken. 
It's just a virus, so antibiotics won't help. I'm resting, taking my allergy medications and echinacea and zinc. Drinking hot tea and soup help. It's hard, because I have colors to finalize. I have things to work on to get to a designer. 
If I push through, I know it'll take longer to get back to 100%. What do you do to feel better and get through a cold? Are you good about stopping to take care of yourself?


  • Posted by Sharon on

    Feel Better Pam. I sleep as much as I can when I am sick, it is amazing what sleep can do to the body.

  • Posted by Donna DeRosa on

    Lots of rest. I take a teaspoon of honey before bed. Better than any cough syrup.

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