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Giving back to STEM organizations

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Giving back via donations has been baked into the foundations of STELLA CHROMA since its inception, largely due to that amazing lady in the picture. She is my brilliant niece who wants to be a doctor. Her polish making, nurse practitioner aunt approves! 

According to the US Census Bureau, women in US STEM careers had increased to 27% vs just 8% in 1970. But, there is a huge gender gap in STEM fields themselves, mostly in computers and engineering. What do we do about this? There are many, many ways to go about it, and STELLA CHROMA has decided to focus on early education opportunities to help expose young girls to different career options and encourage them to work toward fields that are generally perceived as off-limits to them. 

We do this by donating a portion of profits from every sale to non-profit organizations that promote STEM careers to school age girls. We have used the same formula to calculate this amount since opening STELLA CHROMA. To date, donations are as follows:

September 2017 - $314.16 to IGNITE Worldwide

December 2017 - $219.18 to Girlstart

March 2018 - $395 to The Scientista Foundation

June 2018 - $402.83 to Black Girls Code

September 2018 - $306.42 to Girls Who Code

December 2018 - $221.37 to Girlstart

June 2019 - $3300.00 to IGNITE Worldwide

September 2019 - $610.00 to Girlstart

June 2020 - $2,536.54 to Black Girls Code

December 2020 - $1,920.00 to Girls Who Code

June 2021 - $2,108.00 to IGNITE Worldwide

December 2021 - $3046.90 to Girlstart

August 2022 - $2775.00 to National Girls Collaborative Project

June 2024 - $7,985.00 to Girls Who Code


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Sandra Blevins
Sandra Blevins

I have bought your products for several years now, and have referred you to my friends, numerous ones of which have purchased from you. Your cutical oil is a particular favorite. I am an attorney in Indianapolis who manages/owns an all-female firm at the moment (Betz + Blevins), and we represent individuals, many times in discrimination and related cases. I was contacted this week by a teacher, Lucas Gobel, who is raising funds for his students to go to the National Science Olympiad. My office has donated $700 to sponsor a disadvantaged female student’s expenses for the trip. I provided the teacher with your information in the hopes that you could send some of your STEM donations to help at least one female student attend the National Science Olympiad. Thanks for your consideration of this worthy cause that fits with your mission.

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