Scent Descriptions

Sometimes a name is obvious. Dark Chocolate? It does exactly what is says on the tin. Date Night? Hmm... What does that smell like? If you don't want to take a gamble on what your scented product will smell like, check out this list for a bit of guidance.

BTW, Date Night? A sexy, complex scent with a base of white carnation and blood orange. Mid-notes of sandalwood, black rose, smoky wood, and a touch of patchouli. Top notes of vanilla bean and vetiver, amber, and a touch of Egyptian musk. Go ahead. Throw it in your cart. 


Citrus Blend - Bergamot, orange, lime, grapefruit, and lemon oils

French Lavender - True, woodsy, lavender scent


Amaretto Tiramisu - Smell all of the wonderful tones of Italian amaretto espresso, lady fingers, cocoa powder, Madeira, mascarpone, and heavy cream.

Amber Glow - An exotic, earthy fragrance that opens with a subtle citrus sparkle, followed by notes of earthy moss and oriental florals and finished with an amber, vanilla-musk, and Indonesian patchouli dry-down. A very calming, sophisticated scent.

Bamboo Cyprus - An excellent unisex scent, this fresh and earthy scent has notes of citrus and crisp bamboo with notes of rose, cedar, and clove in a base of oriental spice, patchouli, and ylang ylang. Not perfume-y in the least!

Beachwood Vetiver - Close your eyes and breathe in the exotic salty sea air with its notes of dried coconut, eucalyptus, night blooming jasmine, carnation, and vetiver followed by sun dried driftwood and the tanginess of seaweed. Peace. Tranquility. A vacation by the sea.

Bergamot & Violet - Delicate floral violet base marries beautifully with sweet bergamot to give you a feminine scent that isn't artificial or perfume-like.

Birthday Cake - White cake and butter cream frosting scent so realistic that it'll make your mouth water!

Black Currant Tea - This soothing scent is a fusion of berries, citron, tart black currant, mandarin & Yuzu, thyme, and Indian & Ceylon teas.

Blue Sugar - The sexy, masculine version of the popular feminine Pink Sugar scent. There are notes of toasted carmelized sugar, woodsy cedar, patchouli, lavender, licorice, coriander, bergamot, star anise, and ginger.

Butter Rum Cappuccino - Imagine a steaming mug of frothy, dark Cappuccino with a splash of warm buttery Rum.  This scent is strong, bold, and warm. Delicious beyond description!

Cashmere Woods & Tonka Bean - Sweet vanilla orchid and citron peel are followed by seductive white patchouli flowers, oudh accord, and heliotrope. Finished with a dry down of sun-warmed tonic beans, cashmere woods, and crystal amber.

Chocolate Orange - Reminiscent of the beloved chocolate candy, this scent is a rich, true chocolate highlighted by fresh, just peeled orange scent.

Coffee House - Freshly ground Columbian coffee beans with subtle hints of rum, brandy, brown sugar, and cocoa.

Crisp Anjou Pear - sweet and fresh, this scent is pure pear.

Crisp Cotton - This complex, super clean scent is a combination of juicy blood orange, sea berry, and passionfruit notes, laced with raspberry, starfruit, and rosewater. Underscored with violet, thyme, and musk. It is crisp, fresh, and refreshing.

Cuban Tobacco - Masculine scent with a base of tobacco leaf and oriental spice. Top notes of wine, cinnamon, cloves, and patchouli.

Cucumber Mint - A clean, bright, fresh cucumber fragrance with finishing notes of mint.

Dark Chocolate - Deep, rich, velvety dark chocolate! Real and true.

Date Night - Sexy, complex scent with a base of white carnation and blood orange. Mid-notes of sandalwood, black rose, smoky wood, and a touch of patchouli. Top notes of vanilla bean and vetiver, amber, and a touch of Egyptian musk.

Earl Grey & Apple - A majestic blending of Earl Grey tea leaves, black teas, chamomile, shaved ginger root, dried pears, crisp apples, cinnamon sticks, nutmegs, cloves, anise, vanilla, cognac and geranium. This fragrance is like stepping into that shop. Strong, heady, exquisite.

Fireball - Remember the big red candy that was so hot, you had to switch it from cheek to cheek to avoid the burn? Now, you can have that scent at your fingertips.

Fresh Basil - Simply the refreshing aroma of fresh cut leaves of basil.  

Fresh Peach - Realistic scent of a ripe, juicy peach.

Fruit Loops - Straight up classic, fruity breakfast cereal scent.

Garden Dirt - The rich scent of dark potting soil.

Gardenia - The scent of a heady shower of rain-kissed, creamy tropical gardenia blossoms.

Gingered Peach - A warm, well balanced blend of juicy peaches and rich ginger.

Glazed Doughnut - Fresh, warm doughnuts with lots of gooey glaze. It makes us want to make a run for hot doughnuts!

Green Tea & Cucumber - Fresh and clean scent with a base of cucumber highlighted by refreshing green tea.

Harvest Moon - Warm scent of cinnamon sticks and whole dried cloves.

Lemon Curd - Our scent combines fresh, zesty lemons, warm vanilla extract and a hint of sugar blended with fresh cream. It's a refreshing and mouthwatering combination of tart and creaminess.

London Fog - Fresh and earthy unisex scent with a base of jasmine and ylang ylang blended with green citrus, highlighted by ozone and thick moss.

Lumberjack - A woodsy, earthy, masculine scent.

Macintosh Apple - Just like a fresh, juicy apple!

Maple Glazed Bacon - Savory hickory smoked bacon and woodsmoke are enhanced by maple syrup, butter, vanilla, and coffee.

Moscato - Fruity and delicious! Fragrant red grapefruit and pomegranate are laid atop a bed of green apple and fruit blossoms with a delicate finish of smoky musk and the barest hints of rose and geranium. Sweet without being overly so, a bit fresh, a bit earthy.

Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey - Smooth, inviting scent of sweet vanilla, milk, and honey highlighted with cinnamon and clove.

Pineapple Cilantro - Sweet (but not too sweet) fresh pineapple scent blends with the green herbal cilantro in a fantastic combination!

Pumpkin Juice - Sweet base of pumpkin and juicy apple is highlighted by warm cinnamon and clove to be both fresh and comforting.

Rooibos Tea - A citrus and honey scent with white blossoms and jasmine accented by top notes of vanilla.

Sea Salt & Rice Flower - A relaxing, soft, complex blend of creamy rice flower, citrus peel, cotton blossoms, jasmine, sea salt, bamboo, vanilla bean, and musk.

Southern Pecan Pie - Delicious scent of fresh baked pecan pie!

Spa Day - That classic "European Spa" scent! Invigorating greens and florals, basil, citrus, amber, and musk. Invigorating and romantic

Tomato Leaf Coriander - a very unique fragrance composition of sweet green tomato leaves, coriander, galbanum, jasmine, peach, apricot, and base notes of green woods. 

Vanilla Bean - Smooth and subtle vanilla without overpowering buttery notes.