Our new loyalty program

Our new loyalty program

Did you know that STELLA CHROMA has a Loyalty Program with rewards? We totally do! If you're cruising through the website and notice the little green oval with a crown, click on it and start earning!

Earning... When you sign up for our program, you will start earning Chroma Coin. Earn 100 for simply signing up. Earn 100 coins for sharing our site on Facebook. Earn 50 coins for liking our Facebook page or following us on Instagram. Feel like ordering? Earn 1 coin for each dollar you spend in the shop. You also earn a 15% discount for referring a friend to us.

Redeeming... You will receive an email with a code when you have earned enough coins to redeem a reward. You can ignore the code and continue to accumulate for the next reward. You can earn things like dollar off discounts, free shipping, and free products. 

We appreciate your time, your support, and the hard earned dollars you spend with us. We want to use this program as a way to say thank you for those things!

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