STELLA CHROMA for the Holidays 2020!

STELLA CHROMA for the Holidays 2020!

We’ve got news for y’all. Holiday season is coming. Fast. It seems crazy, but that’s par for the 2020 course, isn’t it? The world  is kind of a dumpster fire right now, but we’re got our eyes ahead to December.

The holidays crept up on us last year. But this year we’re prepared. And rather than waiting until the usual holiday shopping push, we’re sharing our plan now. Because of the issues with USPS, we’re going to make these options available much sooner than Black Friday. We’re not quite sure how soon. If you have thoughts, let us know. So what exactly are we planning? We’re so glad you asked.

We’ll have gift sets! One being a nail color, base coat, and top coat packaged in a pretty box tied with a pretty bow and ready for gift giving. The other will be a scrub, cuticle oil, and hand cream set in a pretty muslin bag. Also ready to gift! Gift wrapping will also be available if you want to gift something, but not one of our premade sets. Are you staying put for the holidays? We can ship your wrapped gifts anywhere. Just designate the proper shipping address at checkout.

And, in true 2020 fashion, the lights we ordered so that we could have a photo shoot with all of these lovely gift options were lost in the mail. *sigh* So rather than wait on them, we wanted to get this info out there so you can start planning. Keep an eye out for photos!

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