Tips for a long lasting manicure

by Pamela Rodgers April 06, 2019 0 Comments

Tips for a long lasting manicure

Your polishes have arrived, and they're gorgeous! You can't wait to do a manicure and you want that manicure to last a long time. We have some tips to help your manicure last.

1) Let your polish come to room temperature. In the warm or cold months, your polish is in the elements for a while on its way to you. As tempting as it is to put on that polish as soon as you open your box, you need to wait (sometimes up to 24 hours) as the extremes can alter the texture and application of the polish.

2) Apply one coat of base coat. We recommend a sticky one like our So Base-ic. It smooths imperfections on the nail and give your polish a rubbery surface to adhere to. Give it a minute or so to dry. 

3) It's time to apply your room temperature polish. It is best to apply thin coats. If your coats are thick, it delays dry time and can lead to smudges, dents, or sheet marks. By nature, some colors will be thicker than others. If your polish is too thick, add a few drops of polish thinner and shake your bottle. Polish all ten nails and give them a minute or so to dry before the next coat.

4) Wrap your tips! After each coat of polish, swipe the brush from side-to-side across the end of your nail. This will seal the end and help keep your polish from peeling.

5) Try not to get the polish on your skin or your cuticle. If you leave a teeny bit of nail exposed, there is less of a chance the polish will lift and peel. If you get some on your skin, use an orange stick or small make up brush dipped in acetone to clean it up.

6) Finish with a top coat. Wrap your tips with it too! This will seal your color with a super shiny finish and add a layer of protection over your nail color. If you use a quick dry top coat like Fast Fingers, you'll be able to get on with your daily activities even quicker!

7) Finally, if your hands are going to be in water or liquids for an extended time (like cleaning or dishwashing), use gloves. Your nails are porous. We have all stayed in the bathtub or pool long enough for our fingertips to wrinkle. Our nails absorb as well. This will cause your polish to lift and peel off.*

*and if your polish starts to peel, DO NOT PEEL IT THE REST OF THE WAY! This will take off a layer of your nail itself and set you up for peeling, weak nails. 

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