Monthly Mystery Polish Info Page!


Happy May! I hope you were lucky enough to be able to witness the eclipse if you were in the path of totality on April 8th. It was an indescribable experience and there is a good chance I'm going to turn into an eclipse chaser! :) I couldn't help but be inspired by what I was able to witness with my son and my friends in the parking lot at SC headquarters that day!


May's mystery is inspired by the eclipse and our 4 minutes of totality. It is a very dark blue base with a strong silver magnetic pigment. Unsure how to use magnetic pigments? Here is a tutorial from my site. Don't have a proper nail art magnet? (the ones on your fridge will not work) You can get my bar magnets and ring magnets here. They are also easily available on Amazon, including the 30 lb pull horseshoe magnet I've seen all over social media. 

I hope you love this month's mystery shade. Snap a pic and share on Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok. Tag me and I'll share you in stories or repost. It's @stellachroma everywhere.