Big FAQ post

Big FAQ post


We've discovered over the last few months that the world doesn't know much about indie polish. They're used to mainstream colors and finding a brand like us throws people off a bit. Soo... Here we go! Answers to frequently asked questions. Have more? Comment below or email

1. Is this regular polish or gel?

We make regular nail polish. No UV lights, curing, etc. needed. 

2. How does your polish wear?

Technically, it will wear just like any other nail lacquer. However, we've had several customers say that they get 2 weeks of wear before chipping. And that is by using a great base coat and top coat. (See our tips for a long lasting mani here)

3. Do you do nails too?

Hi! I only do my own nails.  - Pam  That being said, customers take our polish to their manicurist all the time!

4. My polish looks different than it did in your picture.

Put that baby on your nails! 2-3 coats. Let the polish dry for a few minutes between coats. Several polishes (We're looking at you, Summer Sandals!) look different in the bottle. We also make it a point to show our polishes in different lighting situations and on different skin tones so that you have a good idea of how they'll look. 

5. Where can I buy your polish?

We are going to be working on upping our retail presence in 2019, but for now, we are available on our website, at Girly Bits Cosmetics for our Canadian customers, Facebook Marketplace, and at River City Coffee + Goods in Evansville, Indiana.

6. Do I have to use a credit card?

You can use a credit card, paypal account, amazon pay, or google pay. 

7. Why are some polishes shiny and other aren't?

Our Fall Mattes collection from 2018 were all matte finish polishes. If you want to wear those shiny, just toss on a coat of Fast Fingers and it will shine it right up!

8. What is your address?

We don't have a physical store that you can come shop at, but our mailing address is 400 North A St #2014, Richmond, IN 47374



I too need a tutorial on how to use the magnet. I would like to see a few videos on how to apply the different polishes and how to use the magnet like on the Orion. I love what I have purchased but your web site is a little confusing.


I need a tutorial on how to use the magnet with the galaxy polishes. I waved the magnet over it while it was wet and nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?
Aloha from Maui

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