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The Inevitable COVID-19 Post

Here we go...

Maybe it isn't inevitable, but I feel like everyone's talking about COVID-19, and I want my customers to know that we at STELLA CHROMA are thinking about it. 

We manufacture according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes). That means cleaning surfaces, strict storing practices, tracking ingredients, tracking batches, wearing protective gear - protective for both us and you. Have you ever seen Breaking Bad? Mr STELLA CHROMA and I look like Walter White and Jessie Pinkman in a much less fancy version of their laundry lab when we're making batches of polish. Those gorgeous flakies go everywhere, and I'd much rather them be on a plastic jumpsuit than my jeans. For sugar scrubs, oils, and balms, GMP says gloves and hairnets. I've been wearing my fancy respirator while making those for the past few weeks too. Unnecessary to go to that length, but it's reusable and a barrier, so I'm doing it. 

We're making sure to wash our hands during bottling, packaging, and shipping. All of the knowledge we have (don't get me started on the lack of knowledge we have!) tells us that the virus doesn't stay alive on surfaces long enough to make it from us to you via the mail. So we're very, very confident that we're doing everything we can to make sure any grossness we may have doesn't make it's way to you.

What if Mr SC or I get COVID-19?

We want to be completely transparent here at STELLA CHROMA. Our "facility" or "lab" in in our basement at home. And that's completely okay. Mr SC's parents also live with us. And I'm a Nurse Practitioner. I am being diligent, but I am still practicing in a family practice. There is a pretty good chance I'll get this virus. If I do, I'll be temporarily shutting down SC until I'm well because I'll quarantine myself away from my in-laws. I can't risk them getting COVID-19. Plus, making your sugar scrub and Summer Sandals while I'm healthy is one thing, doing it while sick is another. I wouldn't feel good about it even being very cautious.

I'm not trying to scare, or create panic. I just want our people to know where we stand and what we're doing here. I think the closings that are going on around us are smart. Minimizing exposure is a great way to beat this thing. Please. Wash your hands. Cover your mouths when you sneeze. Don't touch your face. I'll keep finalizing our summer collection. ;)

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