Wipe Down: What To Consider When Disinfecting Your Screens

Wipe Down: What To Consider When Disinfecting Your Screens

Brace yourself, because the truth is gross, but here goes: Your electronic devices are a huge magnet for dust, grime, grease and harmful bacteria. In fact, studies have shown that the average smartphone has seven times more bacteria than a toilet seat! Here’s our guide to safeguarding your health and sanitizing your electronics.

Protect Your Coating

Even though it might look like your screen is covered in fingerprints, many phones and tablets have a fingerprint-resistant coating that could come off with abrasive cleansers or harsh paper towels. That’s why it’s important to always use an electronics-friendly wipe to thoroughly remove everything from fingerprints to food particles. Finish the job with a microfiber cloth, a standard paper towel can scratch or damage screens.

On-the-Go Care

The average American is estimated to check their phone once every 12 minutes, according to a study from electronics insurance company Asurion. That’s 80 times a day! That means anything you touch gets transferred to your phone. Even if you wash your hands—the germs remain on your phone. That’s why it’s essential to clean your device frequently. Throw a packet of wipes, in your bag or keep at your desk for easy access and regular use.

Waterproof Considerations

The good news is many smartphones are waterproof, making it easier to spray or wipe your devices without potential harm. But if you’re not sure that your device is waterproof or would just rather play it safe, all natural sprays that are alcohol and ammonia free are a gentle and worry free option. It also comes with a soft microfiber cloth to wipe down your screens without making tiny scratches. Just be sure to wash the cloth, too.

One-Time Use

One benefit of using disposable wipes over a microfiber cloth is the simple fact that you discard them after use. Microfiber cloths are excellent at grabbing dust and dirt but perhaps they’re too good at their job, holding it all tightly inside those little fibers. If you don’t wash out a microfiber cloth regularly, you’re just re-wiping all that grime back onto your devices. Opting for a fresh wipe every time eliminates that concern.

Gentle Germ Buster

You want a cleaner made with isopropyl alcohol because it’s proven to help eliminate germs, dust and grime—and it’s also one of the safest cleaners for use on electronics. That’s because it dries almost immediately so you have extra peace of mind you’re not harming your device while disinfecting it (and you can go back to scrolling through Instagram immediately after your deep clean.)

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